Dress Measurements

Dress Measurements

Take the time to look at one of our actual dresses for your measurements.


Full Bust Measurements:


Full Bust Measurements


Waist Measurements:


Dress waist measurements


Hips Measurements:


Hips Dress Measurements


Upper Bust Measurements:


Upper Bust Dress Measurements


Under Bust Measurements:


Under Bust Dress measurements


Nipple to Nipple Measurements:


NIpple Dress Measurements


Shoulder to Bust Measurements:


Shoulder To Bust Dress Measurements


Shoulder to Waist Measurements:


Shoulder to waist Dress measurements


Outer Leg Measurements:


Outer Leg Dress measurements


Armseye/Armpit Measurements:


Armseye Dress measurements


Shoulder to Shoulder Measurements:


Shoulder To Shoulder Dress Measurements


Neck Measurements:


Neck Dress Measurements


Arm Length Measurements:


Arm Length Dress Measurements


Bicep Measurements:


Bicep Dress Measurements


Upper Arm length Measurements:


Upper Arm Dress Measurements


Armpit to Elbow Measurements:


Armpit to elbow dress measurements


Waist to Hem Measurements:


waist to hem custom dress measurements


Hollow to Hem Measurements:


hollow to hem custom dress measurements

Testimonials from past customers
  • The dresses arrived yesterday and are just perfect. Thank you so much for your time and effort, it's really appreciated. The girls are really happy with them. :) Again, Thank you so much.
    --- R Price
  • I have received my flower girl dress today and is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much, you have done a fantastic job matching it up to mine! Thanks again, simply brilliant.
    --- M Crane