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Classic Wedding Dress

Retail Price: $2999.99

Price: $1499.99

TWD Perfect Wedding Gown

Retail Price: $2999.99

Price: $1499.99

Sexy Favorite Bridal Gown

Retail Price: Over $3000


Unique Custom Bridal Gown

Retail Price: +$4000

Price: $1499.99

The Nina Gown

Retail Price: +$3000

Price: $1499.99

Dear Bride To Be,

I’m Rebecca Commerford, the Founder of Tailored Wedding Dresses. I know just how important it is to find the one special wedding dress that will put that touch of perfection on your wedding day. After all, everything else needs to be perfect, so why not your wedding dress?

I’ve been through the frustrating experience of trying on dress after dress at the bridal shops, and you know how it is…. they’re not exactly the style and cut that you love, and they don’t fit you how they should or the trimmings aren’t right, (it's hard to find the perfect fit off the rack!), and so and so on.

That’s why I created Tailored Wedding Dresses – for brides who believe that you should be happiest in your wedding dress than in any other dress you will ever wear again in your life. And that your wedding dress should be YOUR wedding dress – to perfectly fit you, and in every way to be just how you always dreamed it should be.

How Your Wedding Should Be

Just imagine your perfect wedding. You arrive at the venue, and as your bridesmaids help you to leave the limousine, you step out into the glorious sunshine. As you look around you, there are your closest family and friends, just beaming with happiness for you! And you feel secure, not just because you know they love you, but in the one who you know is waiting for you inside.

And as you step into the venue, and every eye turns to look at you, you know that you have never looked more beautiful than right at this moment… everything is perfect…. for the one to whom you are giving your heart. Fast-forward through the years….. because when you take that special dress out of its box, you are just flooded by those wonderful memories once again.

Your wedding dress is such an important part of making your dream com true, isn’t it? Think about it….. How many brides have walked down the aisle knowing that their dress doesn’t really flatter their body shape? Feeling unsupported? Knowing that the dress was not REALLY what they wanted?

You Don't Have To Go Through This On YOUR Wedding Day!

Why? Because you have come to the right place to find your perfect wedding dress!

Your Unique Wedding Dress Service

That’s what Tailored Wedding Dresses is all about.

  • Nowhere else will you find wedding dresses like these that will fit you better
  • Nowhere else will you find wedding dresses with such attention to detail and those beautiful embellishments that make all the difference
  • Nowhere else will you find wedding dresses that give you the quality that you deserve for your special day, at a price you can afford

  • When you order your wedding dress through Tailored Wedding Dresses, you know that your wedding dress will be made especially, and only, for you - No-one else!

    Please take a moment to consider why you should order your next dress with Tailored Wedding Dresses.

    Special Extra Features Just For You

    At Tailored Wedding Dresses, each one of our premium dresses:

  • Is Custom-Made to Fit You Perfectly. Imagine comfortably and confidently gliding down the aisle in your perfect dress!
  • Is Fully Lined.
  • Is Netted Underneath (where appropriate)
  • Includes a Custom-Made Internal Petticoat (where appropriate)
  • Includes Premium Quality Embellishments
  • Showcases Exceptional Handwork and Detailing

  • Peace of Mind For Your Wedding

    By letting Tailored Wedding Dresses create your wedding dress for you, you know that:

  • You get fast, on-time delivery, so you never need to worry about your dress being late
  • The quality of the fabric, detailing and trimmings are second to none
  • The dress will fit you perfectly, because we will make it to your individual measurements
  • For the quality that you receive, your investment is very affordable and great value for your dollar

  • Our Free Gift To You

    We invite you to browse this website and to select any of our wonderful range of tailored wedding dresses for your special day. And as our free gift to you, when you purchase one of our elegant premium wedding dresses, we would LOVE to give you a pair of wedding shoes, a free veil and complementary gloves! It's our way of saying thank you.

    Tailored Wedding Dresses Family

    Testimonials from past customers
    • The dresses arrived yesterday and are just perfect. Thank you so much for your time and effort, it's really appreciated. The girls are really happy with them. :) Again, Thank you so much.
      --- R Price
    • I have received my flower girl dress today and is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much, you have done a fantastic job matching it up to mine! Thanks again, simply brilliant.
      --- M Crane